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ACS is calling on retailers to take part in its annual Employment Survey (formerly called the National Living Wage survey).

The findings will help to inform ACS’ employment policy work over the coming year, including its submission to the Low Pay Commission.

Following an increase in National Living Wage (NLW) rates on April 1, it went up 10% from £10.42 to £11.44 per hour for anyone aged 21 and over.

In its consultation, the Low Pay Commission is seeking evidence on the following areas:

• The affordability and effects of an increase in April 2025 to an NLW rate within the range of £11.61 and £12.18 (with a central estimate of £11.89).

• The impact of increases in the NLW in April 2024 on workers, employers, the labour market and economy.

• The impact of 21-22 year olds being eligible for the NLW in April 2024.

• The effect of the minimum wage increases for younger workers on their employment prospects and the effects of this year’s increase in the Apprentice Rate.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “We strongly encourage all convenience colleagues to participate in the survey so that we can work with the Low Pay Commission to provide accurate evidence about how the convenience sector has been impacted by increasing the National Living Wage and other economic and labour market conditions.”

“We will work with the Low Pay Commission to ensure that flexible and secure employment will continue to be provided for hundreds of thousands of convenience colleagues across the UK so that they can continue the good work they do in their local communities.”

You can take part in the survey here. All answers are completely confidential and the deadline for completing the survey is May 17.