cadbury ad


Cadbury Dairy Milk’s latest ad is set in a forecourt convenience store. The new campaign, ‘Garage’, is designed to show how generosity brings us closer - or as Cadbury says, ‘There’s a glass half in everyone’.

‘Garage’ tells the story of a young woman working late at night in a petrol station. We see a customer pay for petrol plus a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar that he ‘accidentally’ leaves behind. When the girl reminds him that he has left it behind he smiles and walks away. We then hear an affectionate “love you Dad” over the PA across the petrol station, revealing their relationship to each other before he smiles at her and gets into his car. Cadbury brand owner Mondelez said it’s a “simple yet emotive, relatable film” that shows generosity is as strong in adults as it is in children.

Gemma Flanigan, UK&I associate marketing director at Cadbury said: “In this latest film, set in a forecourt convenience store, we have introduced lighter moments, while still retaining the authenticity from our other stories that have shown how powerful moments of generosity can be. This fits in with the campaigns we have done for the last five years that showed different types of generous givers and how small gestures can make a difference.”

The campaign will run until across TV, cinema, BVOD and YouTube until February 5.