• ESB Energy owns and operates a growing network of 100% renewable fast and rapid chargers across London, Coventry, Birmingham
  • The partnership with Zood Infrastructure will deliver EV charging sites for high-traffic areas at key locations nationwide

The EV Network


ESB Energy is set to significantly expand its network of convenient, ultra-fast EV charging infrastructure across the UK through a new agreement with Zood Infrastructure. 

The partnership aims to significantly contribute to the UK’s commitment to decarbonise the transport sector by supporting mass market uptake of EVs.

The development of the network will be carried out by The EV Network (EVN), a UK-based infrastructure development company. The EV Network offers a turn-key solution to develop, fund and build publicly accessible EV charging hubs in the UK and is already working with a number of other charge-point operators (CPO).

ESB Energy, which has operated in the UK for almost 30 years, says it already has an expanding network of fast and rapid charge points - powered by 100% renewable energy - across the UK with a strong presence in London, Birmingham and Coventry.   

The new agreement with Zood Infrastructure, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SDCL Energy Efficiency Income Trust plc (SEEIT plc), is expected to deliver a significant number of rapid and ultra-fast EV charging hubs in high-traffic areas at strategically appropriate locations. These will be developed, funded and built by The EV Network, which has an up to £200 million investment commitment from SEEIT plc.

John Byrne, Head of EV Solutions at ESB Energy, said: “Every day, we are working to provide the market with low-carbon energy by building smarter electricity networks and collaborating with others to develop innovative solutions to today’s energy challenges. We built the first-ever interoperable cross-border system of over 1,350 public charging points across the island of Ireland. We are now using this experience to partner with The EV Network to add to our charge point network and services for EV drivers across the UK.”

Reza Shaybani, Founding EVN Chief Executive, said: “We are delighted to be working with ESB Energy on this exciting project. Our ambitions are aligned, and our unique business model enables all our CPO partners to build a strong network without having to worry about the development or investment in the infrastructure.”

Jonathan Maxwell, CEO of Sustainable Development Capital LLP, the investment manager for SEEIT plc, said: “This agreement, with a leading EV charging provider, ESB Energy, will develop more ultra-fast charging locations and improve the UK’s capacity for widescale EV use. With the current challenges facing energy and fuel security, the need to invest in our EV capability and develop the infrastructure required for a systemic shift towards electric transportation has never been clearer. This agreement, and our ongoing partnership with The EV Network, is a commitment to address this need and enabling the UK’s transport to become greener, cheaper and more reliable.”