Average road fuel sales at filling stations are still less than two thirds of their pre-lockdown levels despite a steady gradual recovery, according to the latest government figures.


The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy’s research shows that road fuel sales were at 66% of their typical values in the week ending June 14.

In the eight weeks prior to the lockdown on March 23 average daily sales were 17,690 litres per filling station, with a peak of 20,983 on Friday February 28. After the lockdown they fell rapidly bottoming out at 2,522 litres on Sunday April 12.

Since then average sales have climbed steadily, and the figure for the week ending June 14 was up 3.2% on the previous week, with a daily average of 11,720 litres.

For the 12 weeks from March 23 average daily road fuel sales were 8,510 litres per filling station. This is 48% of the average levels in the eight weeks prior to March 23.

The report used petrol and diesel sales figures from 4,500 filling stations, out of the 8,375 petrol stations in Great Britain. The study covered the period from 1 February to June 14.