Grant Shapps with Osprey Charging CEO Ian Johnston at the new charging hub in Welwyn Garden City

Grant Shapps (left) with Osprey Charging CEO Ian Johnston

Grant Shapps, secretary of state for energy security and net zero, has welcomed the addition of greater access to EV charging in his Welwyn Hatfield constituency.

He was visiting the newly expanded Bakehouse Osprey charging hub in Welwyn Garden City alongside Osprey CEO and chair of ChargeUK Ian Johnston.

At the hub Johnston showed Shapps the capabilities of the eight newly installed 300kW ultra-rapid EV chargers, which adhere to new government regulations that all rapid chargers must accept bank cards. The new rapid charge points are also compatible with every EV on the market.

Load-balancing technology maximises the efficiency of the hub, distributing power between each charge point in response to car demand in real time.

Shapps said: “I’m delighted to see the expansion of Osprey’s EV charging site, which has proved to be an important asset to Welwyn Hatfield’s EV drivers. Fast, reliable and easy-to-use public EV charging locations such as this hub are vitally important to hitting our net-zero targets. They help improve confidence in the national infrastructure and practically support the uptake of electric vehicles at the local level too.”

Ian Johnston, CEO of Osprey Charging, said: ““A crucial element of our strategy at Osprey is to understand the requirements of our customers and adapt the network to meet growing customer demand, installing more chargers in locations across Great Britain and upgrading existing locations. The Bakehouse is one of our most popular sites to date and the latest in our roll out of 150 high-power hubs, that includes upgrading existing in-demand locations such as this.”