Kay group dobbshill

Police are working with Top 50 Indie the Kay Group to stop anti-social behaviour at the company’s Dobbsill Service Station in Flintshire.

Young drivers have been gathering at the site late at night, shouting, swearing and abusing staff who try to move them on.

Paul Blackmore, non-executive chairman at The Kay Group, told Forecourt Trader: “There has been some late night anti-social behaviour with young people involving vehicles, excessive noise and verbal abuse of our staff when trying to calm the situation down and move them on.

“The site management, working in conjunction with the police, have already identified the owners of three vehicles. Any further behaviour will result with a pre-prepared banning order being handed out, the vehicles details handed to the police to follow up and CCTV footage retained if a prosecution is determined.

“With the police’s positive action and our security measures we expect the situation to be resolved very quickly.”