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MFG has applied for planning permission to add an EV charging hub to Symonds Yat Service Station on the A40 northbound at Whitchurch in Herefordshire.

It is seeking consent for a row of eight 150kw chargers on vacant space on the south-west side of the site, which will be covered by a canopy and served by a new adjacent electricity substation. The plans also feature a new air/water and vacuum machine.

A supporting statement with the application by planning consultant Carneysweeney outlines the government’s positive policy towards EVs and EV charging infrastructure.

It explains that MFG is seeking to roll-out an extensive supply of EV charging facilities at new and existing service stations across the UK with the aspiration to make it as easy to recharge an EV as it is to refuel with petrol or diesel.

It concludes: “The EV charging proposals are considered to positively respond to the local and national planning policy context and the wider UK aspiration to promptly improve the EV charging network.”