FT - Roadchef Waste Journey Poster

Motorway service area (MSA) provider Roadchef has announced carbon savings equivalent to approximately 250,000 miles driven by an average car in 2019-2020.

The company has implemented a host of eco-friendly measures as part of its Talking Rubbish’ campaign, and ‘zero to landfill’ promise.

Among the measures to achieve this goal is a closed-loop PET recycling solution, which sees plastic collected and recycled into the Harrogate Spring water bottles which Roadchef sells in its outlets. It also includes the recycling of waste coffee grounds into biofuel, the use of food waste digesters and using 100% renewable energy, including energy produced from Roadchef’s own solar panels.

In addition, mixed recycling is processed in an on-site compactor before being turned into energy at waste recycling plant. These various activities are supported in partnership with operators including UKWSL, Unisan and Creed Foodservice.

Roadchef says it was the first company in the UK to introduce reverse vending machines for coffee cups, as well as plastic bottles in 2019, alongside Coca Cola and Costa Coffee and is able to divert 100% of its waste away from landfill.

Roadchef is also supporting the move towards decarbonisation by introducing rapid electric vehicle charging points at each of its service areas, in anticipation of increased demand for high-speed EV charging.

Mike Jackson, director of Supply Chain Management and head of Charity at Roadchef, commented: “Caring, uncomplicated and positively obsessive are Roadchef’s core values and we adhere to these in everything we do, including when it comes to the environment. In recent years we have worked with both Highways England and the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to help reduce the volume of litter along our roads and motorways.

“We also make it simple for our customers to recycle at Roadchef, and I believe this has helped us achieve our zero-to-landfill status. Working with key partners, this work to look after the environment will continue well into the future.”

Mark Fox, CEO at Roadchef, added: “We take our responsibilities towards reducing our impact on the environment very seriously and we’re delighted to have made real progress in recent years. We’re looking forward to making even bigger inroads in the years ahead through water and energy efficiencies, electrification of our vehicle fleet and continuing to leverage technical innovation to reduce our impact on the planet. We believe we can make Britain’s roads a safer and happier place by de-stressing and delighting those who stop at our MSAs, whilst making sure we do that in an environmentally responsible way.”