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Plans for a complete knock-down rebuild of a Shell petrol station have been submitted to Aberdeen City Council.

According to a design and access statement by AMCA Architects, the scheme at Shell Cocket Hat petrol station on North Anderson Drive would involve demolition of the existing building and forecourt canopy, removal of the current services, including drainage system, existing power, car jet wash and car wash, a number of underground tanks, fills and vents, pumps and islands.

The proposed development has been laid out to incorporate a new standalone, 5m high canopy with four islands, one of which will be housing the offset fills. Vents will be positioned to the north of the site. There is no proposal to replace the jet wash or car wash.

Car parking is to be positioned alongside south boundary, and will increase from the original 7 to 17 spaces.

The area of the new sales building would be 274sq m, which is an increase of 152sq m over the existing building. There will also be two new 90,000 litre storage tanks which will be double skinned steel with leak detection and an alarm system.

It added: “The proposed redevelopment of the existing filling station, will both modernise and allow for greater provisions on offer to customers and sustain local jobs.”