Creams PGG

Top 50 Indie Park Garage Group became the first forecourt to have a Creams Café last week when it opened a concession at its new Scot Lane site in Wigan.

The event drew crowds thanks to the presence of Alpine F1 car and the Premier League Trophy, as well as what was promised inside the store.

The dessert franchise firm announced its new partnership with Park Garage Group as part of its northern expansion plans. Wigan is the first of two Park garage sites to get a Creams Café.

In its press statement, Creams Café said: “Paralleling Creams’ high-quality products and exceptional customer experience, Park Garages is driven by a customer-centric ethos – making the brands a perfect pair. The two companies also share a devotion to creating a better future for all, regularly fundraising for charity and engaging with their local communities”.

“After an incredibly successful year for the brand, I am delighted that 2023 is shaping up to be no different,” said Everett Fieldgate, CEO of Creams Café. “The new partnership with the leading forecourt brand, coupled with the recent appointment of our new product development manager will undoubtedly cement our position as the UK’s favourite dessert restaurant brand as we look to grow our global presence.”