Sewell A63 services

Top 50 Indie Sewell on the go is again teaming up with East Hull and Beannie Street food banks to run their Big Local Harvest this year.

For the full month of October the teams at Sewell on the go will be collecting non-perishable donations at all of its 13 stores across Hull and the East Riding.

Whatever is donated, Sewell on the go will match to double the donations to the food banks.

Over the past two years Sewell on the go customers have donated more than four thousand items with over £10,000 donated to the food banks and other charities.

With growing fears about the cost of living crisis, it’s expected that demand for these services will be higher, so the teams are hoping to collect more than ever before.

Robbie Keane, who founded the food banks following his own personal experience with homelessness, said: “The donations from the Big Local Harvest will help so many families. It’s clear from year to year how dedicated Sewell on the go are when supporting their local communities.

“This generosity of the public never fails to amaze me. It will be life-changing for some families, some of whom haven’t had food for a long time.

“I find myself lucky that I don’t need to use food banks, but for those who do, it’s vital and so important. These food parcels will make such a difference to the families.

“On behalf of the thousands of families we’re able to support with your help, we cannot thank you enough.”