Harvest Energy has launched a collaboration with Spar which offers independent dealers a new branded forecourt concept, and they are already negotiating deals on three potential sites.

The new format has access to Harvest Energy’s fuel supply and will feature the Spar brand on the canopy, pumps, pole sign and shop fascia.

Cross promotions linking shop purchases to money off fuel will offer retailers the opportunity to compete with the multiples and provide their customers with true value for money deals, according to Harvest and Spar.

Spar business development controller Mark Steven told Forecourt Trader’s sister publication Convenience Store: “We’ve recognised that independent retailers are not getting a great deal from the big oil companies any more, and we want to change that.

“It is imperative that fuel retailers maximise all sales opportunities and cross promotions certainly provide this, linking fuel directly to shop purchases.

“With 700 forecourt sites, Spar is the largest symbol forecourt brand, and we are confident that the marriage of expertise between Spar and Harvest Energy, the UK’s fastest growing fuel brand, can be a success.”