Nisa has made a significant investment in its consumer marketing and brand building for the second year running with the production a new TV advert.

The advert will launch on December 26, 2011, running until January 22, 2012, and will be a mixture of 30-second and 10-second adverts.

The national ad has been designed to entice more customers into Nisa stores, help to build the Nisa brand and also recruit new members to the business.

Consumer advertising has been a key driver for the Nisa business in the past year and more than £2m will be spent on TV advertising in 2012.

The theme of this year’s advert is ‘Big Night In’, which capitalises on those consumers who are staying at home and cooking rather than eating out. The advert communicates to consumers that their local Nisa store is not only great for convenience and top-up shopping, but also caters for meal-tonight solutions.

John Sharpe, managing director of Central Distribution Trading & Logistics at Nisa, said: “When we embarked on television advertising it was important to get the advert to reflect the Nisa brand and also use it as a tool to drive more customers to Nisa stores. This was achieved in the first advert so it has become more important for us to reflect this again in our second advert. We are really pleased with the look of the advert and we are confident that it will help to drive more members to Nisa stores.”