MRH (GB)’s Nettlebed site has seen a 75% increase in shop sales since it underwent a major development and switched to Spar last year.

The store, previously a kiosk, opened in August 2009 after following the Spar ‘Stores of the Future’ format.

Located in an Oxfordshire Village, Spar said it was important to develop the shop based heavily on customer needs and requirements, particularly in view of the local residents. The store has seen the introduction of an enhanced alcohol and chilled food range. As well as the 75% rise in turnover it is still experiencing week on week growth.

Recent changes include the decision to offer more ready meals and increase the availability of 800g family size packs. A new ‘Market Garden’ range of produce was also introduced with associated pos. According to Spar, this has greatly enhanced the consumer offering and cut wastage through increased product life and attractive merchandising which has increased customer awareness and sales.

The site has also seen a new and improved planogram for tobacco. Meanwhile, promotional activity has been a cornerstone of developing sales and includes bread products, savouries and confectionery.