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18-24-year-olds are the biggest consumers of no- and low-alcohol products, says YouGov survey

With many temporary teetotalers relying on no- and low-alcohol drinks to get them through Dry January, there is evidence that Brits, and particularly the younger generation, are increasingly opting for these booze-free alternatives year-round.

The latest YouGov survey, commissioned by responsible drinking campaign organisation the Portman Group, shows that 18-24-year-olds are the biggest consumers of no- and low-alcohol products, with 44% considering themselves as either occasional or regular drinkers of these brands. This compares with 31% in 2022. Almost four in ten in this age group do not drink alcohol at all.

The study also indicates that almost a quarter of drinkers, 23%, have cut down on alcohol due to alcohol alternatives. In the previous survey, this number was 21%. A total of 35% of all respondents now class themselves as occasional or regular consumers of alcohol alternatives, up from 29% last time.

The Portman group says the research “continues to tell a positive story of how low and no products have become an important and normal part of how the UK public moderate their drinking”.

It adds that for the sixth year running, the survey shows that the most popular reason to drink alcohol alternatives is to avoid drinking excessively at social events and being able drive home.

Matt Lambert, CEO of the Portman Group says: “It is welcome to see a further rise in the popularity of low and no alcohol alternatives as well as further evidence of how they are an important tool to help UK drinkers, particularly younger adults, to drink responsibly.”