Leaf International, the company behind Chewits, is launching Red Band, a new range of ’healthier’ sugar confectionery. UK consumers will be the first to have access to the new pan-European brand, which is available from this month.

The range includes healthier chews, gums, jellies and hard-boiled sweets. Products include an 80g bag of light wine gums, which claim to have 55% less sugar than standard wine gums, with a rrp of 89p. Milk shakes soft chewy gums come in strawberry and chocolate flavours and have added calcium (80g bag, rrp 89p). There are also juicy gums with a high fruit juice content (130g bag, rrp 99p) and Chewy Gums sugar-free chews (35g bag, rrp 69p).

Additional products are already being planned for the range. A £1m package supports the launch, including national sampling and TV advertising scheduled for January 2007.

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