Cadbury Eclairs has recently received a sophisticated new look. The new packaging design is running across all Cadbury Eclairs products including bags, cartons and roll packs.

It features a swirling caramel and purple design, representing the "unique journey to the centre" that only Cadbury Eclairs can deliver. The design is brought to life with an indulgent matte finish, which is a first for the product.

The pack features the Cadbury brand, and emphasises the elements of the product that consumers love the creamy caramel and Cadbury chocolate centre.

With strong brand loyalty and high brand awareness, the packaging redesign is said to give Cadbury Eclairs a fresh new look, and strengthen the brand’s leadership position.

Recommended retail prices are: 180g bag, £1.52; 150g bag, £1; 480g carton, £3.89; standard roll pack, 47p.

To celebrate the new look, brand owner Kraft Foods is giving retailers the chance to win Cadbury Eclairs. There are six prizes of three cases of mixed product.