Flora ProActiv, the cholesterol reduction spread, is set to unveil a revamped range of products featuring a new formula and packaging redesign.

Flora ProActiv is now 100% plant-based and fully vegan certified. The new range will feature three versions of the spread:

• Flora ProActiv Light provides a lighter option for calorie conscious consumers;

• Flora ProActiv Buttery is a more indulgent, buttery-tasting option;

• Flora ProActiv Olive Oil has the taste of olive oil

The new pack design is intended to modernise the brand and highlight the product’s natural cholesterol-lowering credentials.

David Salkeld, general manager at Upfield, commented: “We’re committed to helping the UK create a better, more natural plant-based future and the relaunch of Flora ProActiv is another step forward for us as a business.

“With over six in every 10 Brits being diagnosed with abnormal levels of cholesterol, the problem is more prevalent than ever before. We’ve reformulated our Flora ProActiv recipe to be even better at helping consumers manage cholesterol, while also improving on our great taste.”

Flora ProActiv’s Light, Buttery and Olive Oil comes with an RRP of £3.90 for 500g, and £2.10 for 250.