Cadbury Creme Eggs will get an early sales push next year via a £4.5m ad campaign.

Cadbury Trebor Bassett (CTB) is launching a new series of quirky TV ads on January 1 with the tagline "Here today, goo tomorrow".

The campaign for the eggs aims to ensure retailers benefit from a fast start to the 2008 Easter season, which is two weeks shorter than last year.

For the first time the egg will star as a character in its own right in the ads as it goes on a mission trying to ’release’ its goo.

The commercials have been designed to communicate the light-hearted and playful nature of the brand while also highlighting what makes Cadbury Creme Egg so distinctive - the ’goo’ in the centre.

The eggs (rrp 40p) will be available from the end of December.

Point of sale material will be available.

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