McVitie’s Cake Company has launched the new M&M’s Double Chocolate muffin to help drive growth through innovation in the Eat Now cake market. The new chocolate muffin is covered in milk chocolate and topped with M&M’s Minis. It has a rrp of 83p and is available in cases of 12. McVitie’s now accounts for almost half of all eat now cake sales.

The range consists of muffins, flapjacks, slices and brownies including Jaffa Cakes Muffins, McV Muffins and Flapjacks, Hobnobs Flapjacks and McVities’s Taste of Home Slices. McVitie’s also bakes the top eat now cake products – Snickers Flapjacks, M&M’s Brownies and Galaxy Muffins, under licence from Masterfoods.

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