Walkers is supporting its Choose or Lose campaign with a new TV ad that’s on air for six weeks. Via the campaign, Walkers is putting some of its favourite flavours in jeopardy by giving customers the chance to keep their favourite flavours or swap them for a new flavour.

Shoppers can choose between classic and new flavours either by purchasing a single pack or voting online.

The new advert features a woman who is selecting a packet of Walkers crisps from a store. Not knowing which packet of crisps to choose, suddenly she is thrown into a gameshow hosted by Gary Lineker with an audience split into two sets of supporters: Salt & Vinegar and Lime & Black Pepper, both encouraging the woman to choose their flavour.

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, commented: "We know shoppers love our flavour campaigns and we are pleased to be able to introduce a TV advert to support Choose or Lose for maximum impact. We’ve really highlighted the opportunity to vote in our new ad as we know our customers feel passionately about their favourite flavours and like to have their say. We’re confident that it will create awareness."

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