Natural sleep aid Nytol is back on TV this month with the second showing of its Aardman-produced ’claymation’ ad featuring a character called Joan.

The ad was first screened last August and was a big success, resulting in a 39% uplift in sales during the 10-week campaign compared to the previous 10 weeks. This, according to AC Nielsen, translates into a 13% increase year-on-year. The 30-second commercial features Joan, who is exhausted from lack of sleep. On the advice of a friend she discovers Nytol, which helps her drift off into a natural sleep. The ad ends with a boisterous family scene and Joan waking refreshed and raring to go. There is then the familiar strapline: ’Good mornings follow a good Nytol’.

The latest TV burst continues through to April and will be supported by print advertising in women’s weeklies and monthlies as well as digital support.

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