Nestlé has given Kit Kat Senses a stylish new look. Packs retain the Kit Kat red background but the Senses logo has been enlarged and is surrounded by a more feminine swirly design.

According to TNS data, Senses has added more than £30m to the confectionery category since its launch in 2008, by attracting more women to the snacking category. The packaging makeover has been designed to continue this sales trend.

Nestlé UK trade communications manager, Graham Walker, reckons the new look will mean Senses will have better stand-out on shelf so shoppers will be able to find it more easily.

The Kit Kat brand is worth more than £202m (IRI data) and is growing by 5%. Nestlé is spending £25m on media backing for the brand this year, including £2m for Senses.

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