he Phat Pasty Company has launched Phat porridge in a single serve, ’just add boiling water’ pot, which is now available nationally.

The surf-themed company has developed the low-fat porridge to give consumers long-lasting energy and a great start to the day.

Packaging uses the company’s eye-catching camper van/surf-themed styling. The Phat Pasty Company also has point-of-sale material to help retailers promote sales with the message ’Low in fat, a pot of energy to keep you going’.

The porridge is made from 100% Scottish oats and just a touch of demerara sugar.

The 65g pot has a small spoon inside the lid. Alternatively, it can be provided as a hot food-to-go item and sold over the counter in the pot.

Phat Porridge pots come in cases of 24.

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