Spot Promotions has delivered the Beano Squishie to savvy petrol retailers who are retailing it at half the price of high street stores.

Key elements to the product’s success, according to the company, are its multi-functional use for travelling, camping or at home, coupled with its cosy, luxurious feel. The innovative product display provided and set up in-store by Spot Promotions entices customers to buy with its ’touch me, feel me, squeeze me’ slogan and rrp of £4.99.

Mike Dearing of BP Chatham Road, Maidstone, has been a customer of Spot Promotions for more than a year. He says: "The Beano Squishie cushion has been a great seller for me, contributing valuable additional revenue to my bottom line. As with the recent pet blankets promotion, Spot Promotions has come up with a high-selling product at an excellent price."

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