Accolade Wines has launched a range of 50cl bottles as part of its ‘Perfect for …’ proposition to provide consumers with more choice at the wine fixture.

By offering customers wine in a bottle that suits their volume requirements, Accolade Wines expects to grow the mid-week buying category.

The insights the company has gleaned through its research project Wine Nation, has informed new pack formats that fit with the growing desire to moderate alcohol consumption and the ‘food for tonight’ shopping mission.

“Alcohol consumption is going down with drinkers wanting to maintain control over their alcohol intake. These occasions often happen midweek when busy and stressed consumers are looking to unwind,” said Andrew Nunney, category, shopper and insights director for Accolade Wines.

“They don’t want to drink a 75cl bottle between them but feel the wine will be wasted if they leave some in the bottle. The opportunity, therefore, is to offer wine in 50cl bottles.

“As well as satisfying the need for moderation without wastage, the lower price point encourages consumers to trial and trade up to better quality wines when

they want to treat themselves. Our range of 50cl wines is perfectly positioned to cater for these consumers and provide a new profit opportunity for the wine trade.

“50cl has to fulfil certain criteria. First, the product should be a trusted brand or varietal to make their choice easy. Ideally the wine should be positioned outside the wine aisle, by the ready meals, to target the ‘Food for Tonight’ mission.”

Among the 50cl range from Accolade Wines is Kumala Reserve Chenin Blanc and Shiraz, Hardys 556, William Hardy, Langhorne Creek Shiraz and Chardonnay and Mud House Sauvignon Blanc.