Bulmers has introduced a new look and bottle shape, which will hit the shelves this month.

The new design and 500ml bottle draws on the brand’s heritage and orchard credentials, focusing on the apples, alongside a revamped logo and bold labels.

Emma Sherwood-Smith, cider director at Heineken, said: “We’re clearly calling out Bulmers’ 130 years of cider making expertise. We continue to push the boundaries of cider, with our new look, our consumer marketing and our associations through music, partnerships and festivals.

“The cider shelves are getting more competitive, so it’s right that the most famous packaged cider brand should stand out on the shelf.

“This £2m re-launch of Bulmers injects excitement and stand-out in the cider category, and consumers won’t be able to miss them in the aisles.”

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