Certas Energy, which is the largest UK distributor of Shell lubricants and greases, has added Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 to its range.

This premium heavy-duty diesel engine oil complies with both the latest European specifications (ACEA E6 and ACEA E9) and manufacturers’ approvals for use in Euro 4 to Euro 6 diesel engines. Shell recommends Rimula Ultra 5W-30 especially for ultra-modern power units complying with Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards.

“Shell Rimula Ultra 5W-30 has been formulated to help customers save time and money, whether they’re maintaining a single vehicle or an entire fleet,” explained Andrew Gibson, UK marketing manager, Shell. “On the one hand, even the most sophisticated diesel vehicles can stay on the road for longer thanks to its excellent engine wear protection capability and the longer maintenance intervals it promotes. On the other hand, it can help reduce fuel costs.”

Dick Shepherd, general sales manager Certas Energy, commented: “The new Rimula Ultra 5W-30 is distinguished by its wide range of approvals. This heavy-duty diesel oil complies with the latest European specifications and manufacturers’ approvals for use in Euro 4 and Euro 6 engines, along with latest emissison standards. Rimula Ultra 5W-30 is aimed especially at ultra-modern power units and its characteristics will save customers time and also save operators money, whether they run single vehicles or extensive fleets.”

As well as the new product, Shell’s Rimula product family has been given a new packaging design, aimed at providing customers with clearer, easier to understand labelling and communication of the product benefits, while delineating more clearly Shell Rimula from other products on the market.

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