Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats (MCD&T) has launched a range of frozen desserts featuring three of the nation’s favourite confectionery brands – Twix Cheesecake, Maltesers Pavlova and Mars Dessert Bar.

MCD&T have been working alongside Coppenrath & Wiese to develop the new frozen desserts.

The Twix Cheesecake offers a creative new twist on the classic layered chocolate bar with a crunchy biscuit base, a creamy cheesecake filling, a layer of caramel, topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate covered biscuits.

The Maltesers Pavlova is a meringue case filled with malted cream, topped with chocolate sauce and decorated with Maltesers.

The Mars Dessert Bar boasts layers of delicious chocolate sponge, mousse and caramel, covered in milk chocolate.

Michelle Frost, general manager for Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats said: “Innovation is a key factor in maximising sales and driving growth within this category. Our frozen desserts range combines the great taste of these familiar brands, with an exciting twist to offer consumers something new and different.”

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