Quaker Oats is adding two gluten-free variants to its range, to meet increasing consumer demand for ‘free from’ products.

The new gluten free products are available in a 510g canister of Traditional Rolled Oats (RSP £2.49) and a 350g box of 10 Oat So Simple sachets, (rsp £2.99).

Jeremy Gibson, marketing director nutrition, says: “Quaker has been bringing families together for breakfast for nearly 140 years and is consistently seeking ways to better meet consumers’ needs. Leading a gluten-free lifestyle is important and necessary for some people and so Quaker has created two gluten-free options to meet consumer demand.

“Gluten is a protein which occurs naturally in wheat, rye and barley. Although oats are naturally gluten free, they may come into contact with grains containing gluten during farming, storage or transportation. As the world’s leading experts in oat milling, Quaker Oats has introduced a breakthrough process, believed to be unique to the industry, to sort and clean the oats, ensuring they cannot be contaminated with gluten.

“Quaker Oats has been instrumental in driving growth in the cereals category by 65%, with sales doubling over the past seven years. Quaker Oats’ new gluten-free range is designed to attract new consumers and drive sales for retailers while helping to ignite growth within the cereals category."

The introduction of a gluten free range coincides with a packaging redesign for the entire Quaker Oats portfolio. Designed to emphasise the health benefits, the new design features food photography and clearly visible nutritional claims.