Nestlé Confectionery’s flagship brand KitKat has partnered one of the world’s best known brands for a new on-pack event.

KitKat has teamed up with YouTube to offer consumers access to some of its music, gaming, comedy and sports content to keep them entertained and ensure they get more enjoyment from their KitKat breaks.

Participating KitKat packs will be flashed with the event. There will be 74 unique packs for shoppers to discover, each with a unique break that can be scanned through a QR code on the front of the pack.

Each of the 74 YouTube videos will feature a five-second KitKat ad and, therefore, as consumers share their favourite videos with their friends the KitKat message will also spread. The campaign will be supported by a £4.3m media plan across TV, Online, and social media; driving awareness of the event to more than 15 million consumers across May and June.

A Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “This partnership between KitKat and YouTube sees two of the world’s most iconic brands team up to make consumers’ break times even better. With a whole variety of entertaining YouTube videos to view, an above-the-line media campaign and the YouTube logo appearing on the front of pack (ensuring shoppers won’t be able to miss it in store) retailers will be able to look forward to an uplift in sales as a result.”

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