KP Snacks has launched Hula Hoops Flavarings, a new crisp range developed in response to consumer preference for bigger, bolder and full on flavour products.

Hula Hoops Flavarings incorporate the hoop shape and are crispy and light with a melt in your mouth texture. Available in two intense family favourite flavours, Tangy Cheese and Salt & Vinegar, the new product is launching in a 90g sharing format with an RSP of £1.50 and a 55g £1 price-marked pack.

Matt Collins, sales director for convenience, wholesale, discounters & foodservice at KP Snacks, commented: “We are committed to understanding our consumers and shoppers needs, and providing the optimum snacking choices for their changing lifestyles. Our innovation will drive excitement by harnessing trends, stimulating the category and delivering incrementally.

“Hula Hoops Flavarings builds on the incredible performance of Hula Hoops, currently the fastest growing snacks brand in the UK, and capitalises on the growth of the sharing occasion. Family sharing makes up the majority of the sharing occasion and provides a huge opportunity within the crisps, snacks and nuts market. Flavarings is a great addition to this iconic brand and perfectly positioned to re-ignite this sharing occasion for both retailers and shoppers.”

Flavarings will be available from 28 May supported with a £1m media campaign in 2018 including in-store activation, outdoor media and digital.