Nutella has revealed details of its £2.8m multi-touchpoint investment behind its recently launched Nutella B-ready product – the brand’s first move into the biscuits category in the UK.

The campaign spans multiple channels including a brand new 30-second TV advert, which hit the nation’s screens this weekend and will run through to mid-October.

The creative sees Nutella unleashing its playful side, while focusing on the nation’s love for the popular spread.

Levi Boorer, customer development director at Ferrero UK, comments: “The nation really does love Nutella and people eat it in many different ways. We wanted to bring this to life, while showcasing our new Nutella B-ready product that allows people to enjoy the taste of Nutella wherever they are.”

Focusing in on the elevenses moment – that time when you fancy a little something yummy – the ad opens with a teacher who stands patiently in a playground with a jar of Nutella in her pocket. Unable to resist the urge, she sneaks off to the ‘quiet area’ and begins applying the delicious hazelnut spread with cocoa onto a pre-cut baguette slice, whilst trying to avoid the confused and watchful eyes of passers-by.

Cutting to a scene of a typical office boardroom, a woman seated at the table attempts to sneak a jar of Nutella out from her bag, along with a box of crackers. Ignoring the glaring eyes and disbelief of her co-workers, she opens the jar and continues to engage in the meeting.

The ad then transports you to the sight of two children sitting either side of their father on a train. While the kids hold out a piece of bread in front of them, the dad stirs up a jar of Nutella in preparation to serve them a portion of the tasty spread. The boy suddenly finds himself quite distracted by a woman who sits across from them. He watches on as she pulls out a box of Nutella B-ready from her bag. She takes one of the individually wrapped bars, opens the wrapper and blissfully bites into the biscuit. At that point, the voiceover narrates: If you love Nutella in a jar, here it is in a bar!

Nutella B-ready features a crunchy wafer shell, filled with Nutella and puffed wheat crispies - a tasty new way to enjoy Nutella anywhere.

“As the category leader, Nutella continues to maintain its number one position for brand equity among spreads. By providing the ultimate blend of taste and texture, the slightly savoury shell of Nutella B-ready enhances the unique taste of the popular spread, making it the perfect snack to revolutionise the mid-morning break for many people in the UK. What’s more, Nutella lovers can enjoy an individually wrapped bar at less than 120 calories, making it perfect for that ‘elevenses’ moment.”

The ad was directed by Chris Balmond, at Outsider and the creative team at krow were Matt Beevor, Sherry Malik, Gemma Galvin and Jo Jephcott. Media planning and buying is through Rocket. Barry Cook, Founder of krow communications, said: “Nutella is such a well-loved brand that it made this campaign a joy to create and visualise the ’love Nutella in a jar? Try it in a bar’ positioning.”

Nutella B-ready has an a RRP of 59p for a single bar or £1.99 for a pack of six.