Peperami, the meaty snack brand, is aiming to provide a solution to parents’ lunch box problems.

As the new school term begins, Peperami will be investing in a five figure digital campaign, promoting its Tex-Mex variant, flavoured with onion, cayenne pepper, paprika and coriander.

The recently launched flavour is available in single sticks, bunch of 5s and snack packs, giving time-strapped parents an easy option for lunch boxes and after-school snacks.

Pavan Chandra, senior marketer, Peperami said: “We know all too well the struggles families face when choosing what to put in their children’s lunchboxes. Peperami is the perfect, tasty snack for these occasions offering a protein-rich alternative to crisps and chocolate. The new flavour – the first in eight years – is helping Peperami engage and attract new consumers, driving sales and overall awareness of the brand.”

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