Premier Foods is aiming to drive incremental sales during the Christmas period by launching several new products through its Cadbury Cakes and Mr Kipling brands.

Cadbury Cakes’ new product addition for 2016 will include a new bite called “Silent Bites” a double blended brownie, with raspberry flavouring, covered in Cadbury milk chocolate. Mr Kipling will be offering its white iced Frosty Fancies and Stollen Slices.

Karmel Maletta, innovation controller for Cadbury Cakes and Mr Kipling at Premier Foods, commented: “We know shoppers are looking for special cakes at Christmas time, and willing to pay that extra bit more. Cadbury and Mr Kipling are already firm family favourites, which is why they’re even more popular at Christmas time with Cadbury worth £6.7m and Mr Kipling worth £13.4m.”

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