Unilever is aiming to boost the value of the ice cream category in 2016 through a substantial investment in its salesforce and increased freezer distribution, as well as a range of new products.

From March, Unilever will be increase its field salesforce in a bid to reach five times as many retailers with advice, guidance and support. Further reaffirming the company’s continued commitment to the category; Unilever has pledged to place more freezers into the trade this year.

The new product line-up includes: new Twister Blackcurrant, new Feast Snack Bar, new Magnum Double and new Cornetto Choc ‘n’ Caramel Disc.

Noel Clarke, band building director for ice cream at Unilever UK & Ireland, says: “Ice cream presents a huge growth opportunity for retailers and manufacturers. As an Impulse category, this growth potential will be unlocked by delighting consumers at the first moment of truth; the store. To help deliver strong sales for retailers this summer, we are significantly investing in our salesforce, freezer distribution and product innovations. Here is to another strong year for Unilever ice cream.”

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