Vimto Soft Drinks, is venturing into the flavoured water category for the first time with its new product, Vim2o, a still spring water drink, flavoured with Vimto and it contains no added sugar.

Vim2o is aimed at health conscious consumers who don’t like the taste of plain water, but want to make sure that they (and their children) stay hydrated throughout the day without compromising on taste.

The new flavoured water is available in a 500ml sportscap format now, and will be followed by a 250ml sportscap variant later in the year

Emma Hunt, head of marketing for Vimto Soft Drinks, said: “Water is more popular than ever – it’s the best performing soft drink, currently worth over £1bn and growing at 7.6%. One of the drivers for this is flavoured waters – over 12 million households now buy it, and the category is growing at twice the rate as the soft drinks market, so it makes sense for us to tap into this trend and bring the distinct fruity Vimto taste to water.

“As health remains high on the agenda, the no added sugar sector is also seeing major growth, but it’s one we think is currently being under-serviced. Consumers are not receiving the choice they deserve, hence why they are converting from traditional soft drinks to bottled water. Vim2o is perfectly positioned to help retailers tap into this trend and fuel growth in the bottled water category.”

She added: “With Vim2o we’re taking all of the learnings and success we’ve had from the rest of our range to inject further value into both the No Added Sugar and bottled water categories.”

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