Magnum, the UK’s number one hand-held ice cream from Unilever Ice Cream & Frozen Food, is to receive a £6.5m makeover.

New-look Magnum features new flavours and updated premium packaging and is supported by a new TV advertising campaign.

The relaunch will centre on indulgence. This is reflected in the packaging which features a new Magnum ’M’ hallmark that will also be embossed into the chocolate of the ice creams as a stamp of quality and authenticity.

The new out-of-home range sees the addition of three flavours: almond, mint and double caramel. The ’in home’ three-pack multi-pack range also features almond and mint, along with two exclusive multi-packs, triple chocolate and one of the best-sellers from last year’s limited-edition 5 Senses, dark coconut.

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