Cadbury Roses is celebrating its 70th birthday with a packaging redesign. Cadbury says the new look brings a contemporary feel to the iconic brand and is designed to appeal to younger consumers while not alienating core, loyal purchasers. It is meant to make the product look like an informal wrapped gift. The Roses brand name is given its own place on pack via a gift card on the front, aimed at improving the product’s gift appeal and shelf stand out.

Cadbury trade communications manager, Kate Harding, says: "Cadbury Roses has 70 years of heritage and continues to be the most preferred ’gift to share’ brand, worth £73.1m in sales value. The new design gives retailers something new and exciting to offer consumers within the gifting category which is particularly important given that spring occasions - including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter - are just around the corner.

"To make the most of this season, we would advise retailers to stock up now."

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