Easter officially marks the start of the ice cream season hurrah, I say, as I love the stuff. There are loads of new lines to try so I’ve started already.

Haagen-Dazs’ new Secret Sensation is delicious. I’ve tried the chocolate fondant one basically chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces and chocolate goo running through it. It’s fab my only criticism is that it’s not available in a big tub.

Ben & Jerry’s (B&J’s) has a similar product but I’ve not tried that yet. I adore B&J’s Health Bar Crunch but you can’t seem to get it here any more. Some of their other flavours do leave me cold very strange combinations indeed. Plus I’m concerned that B&J’s brand owner Unilever’s position as ice cream supremo has gone to the staffs’ heads. Perhaps it’s a case of ice cream ’brain freeze’ but they now have a brand building director for ice cream what’s that when it’s at home? And, B&J’s brand manager is described as B&J’s Moo Heff’ner. I think someone might have OD-ed on ice cream?

But I am very excited about the new Maxibon product as I just love Maxibon. Many a holiday in Spain, I’ve laid by a pool and ordered Mr West to go to the local shop (usually a Spar) to get me a Maxibon. Amazingly he does! He can’t see the appeal and goes for a Calippo instead. I do like a Calippo but see it as a more functional ice to cool you down and refresh you while Maxibon is the real deal with all of its chocolatey loveliness.

Sticking with chocolate, I’ve just got round to trying the coconut M&M’s I bought in the US and they are surprisingly good like a little Bounty in a chocolate shell. I know coconut is a pretty divisive flavour but I think Mars should offer them as a limited edition over here.

Finally, while on the subject of limited editions, I was sorely disappointed that peanut butter won the KitKat Chunky competition and is now going to be a permanent flavour.

What about orange now that was fab. I suppose I am going to have to find solace in the new Rolo sharing block which, needless to say, I’m not sharing with anyone! Sharing chocolate whatever will they think of next? Whoever came up with that concept is clearly not a real chocolate lover.