Orbit Professional is being joined by Orbit Professional White, a sugar-free pellet chewing gum that aims to reduce tooth stains and includes Bi-White to keep teeth naturally white.

The gum has been launched in response to consumer research that identified secondary needs from mouth freshening product – in this case teeth whitening too. Packs highlight the key benefits of the gum.

Meanwhile Orbit Professional, launched in September 2003, includes micro-granules to clean teeth in a way consumers can feel. The launch of Professional helped the Orbit brand return to growth after a significant sales dip.

Orbit Professional White replaces Orbit Ice White.

Recommended retail price for the Professional range is 45p.

Wrigley will back Orbit with a £10.4m spend in 2005

The mouth freshening category, which includes mints, gum and breath strips, is currently worth £389m and has grown by 10% over the last two years. Wrigley has a 68% share of the category.

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