United Biscuits (UB) has added Jumbo peanuts to its KP range. Described as the company’s ’biggest ever peanuts’, there are three varieties: salted, salt & vinegar, salt & pepper and spicy chilli. Salt & vinegar and spicy chilli are available in 75g handy packs. Price-marked versions are available at 79p. These two flavours as well as salt & pepper are available in 180g bags. The salted peanuts come in 200g bags.

Helen Warren-Piper, marketing director for bagged snacks at UB, reckons consumers are nuts about KP: "Last year an extra 300,000 households purchased KP, contributing to 12% growth taking us up to £39m at consumer sales value." She reckons the Jumbo range will drive trial of flavoured nuts.

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