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  • t50indies

    Top 50 Indies 2023: The UK’s Top 50 Independent Petrol Retailers


    Welcome to the latest Top 50 Indies report and an update on the UK’s biggest independent forecourt operators.

  • SUMMIT 2022 - EG Group Frontier Park

    SUMMIT 2022: EG Group’s ‘open retail’ approach satisfies evolving customer demands


    EG Group commercial director Ilyas Munshi stressed the importance of foodservice in forecourts, in a pre-recorded film featuring the company’s flagship Frontier Park site. 

  • SUMMIT 2022 - Toddington Harper

    SUMMIT 2022: Gridserve can provide solutions for those struggling with connection


    Toddington Harper, founder and CEO of Gridserve, said his technology company was not only planning to deliver more than 100 electric forecourts across the UK, but also develop solutions to grid connection problems.

  • Summit 2022 - Jamie Baker

    SUMMIT 2022: Hydrogen will be one of a wider range of future fuels


    Jamie Baker, director of external relations at UKPIA, spoke of the road ahead in terms of technological developments and how oil companies are looking to low-carbon fuels.

  • Exelby Services A19 North - NE over & Overall

    SUMMIT 2022: Keep your ear to the ground and embrace the changes


    Rob Exelby, managing director of Exelby Services, took delegates at the Forecourt Trader Summit on a whistle-stop tour of his award-winning A19 Services North site.

  • Summit 22 - Steve Rodell

    SUMMIT 2022: The forecourt property market is great at the moment, but for how long?


    Steve Rodell, managing director, retail at Christie & Co, told delegates at Forecourt Trader Summit 2022 that the Covid pandemic – when fuel volumes dipped and non-fuel sales boomed – had given us a glimpse into the future, a future that included more and more EV charging.

  • Summit 22 - Brian Madderson

    SUMMIT 2022: Invest in car washing for a quick return


    Former PRA chairman Brian Madderson, came out of retirement specially to talk to delegates about the challenges facing fuel retailers as well as give them an update on the activities of the Car Wash Association.

  • Top 50 Indies 2021

    Top 50 Indies 2021: The UK’s Top 50 Independent Petrol Retailers


    Welcome to the latest Top 50 Indies report and an update on the UK’s biggest independent forecourt operators.

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    Investing to grow


    The UK’s biggest independent fuel retailers were out in force last month at The Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield at the official dinner to launch the publication of Forecourt Trader’s latest listing of the UK’s biggest independent dealers. Highlights from the listing were revealed by managing director of Forecourt Trader, ...

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    Major brands fuel growth


    It has been a good 12 months for the dealer sector in the UK. All the fuel suppliers are fighting for dealer business with even the major brands seemingly happy to brand the small- to medium-size dealer sites they have largely ignored in the past. Oil companies have also been ...

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    Change for the better


    This year the top-level numbers would suggest that the forecourt sector has been fairly quiet over the past 12 months with the number of open sites being only three fewer than last year. However, you only need to scratch the surface to see that there have been a lot of ...

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    Essential roadside services


    New research from the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has shown the essential contribution that the UK’s petrol forecourts make to the economy, to working people and to communities. The 2017 Forecourt Report highlights the continuing evolution of forecourts as both retailers and service providers, with stores often leading the ...

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    FUEL MARKET REVIEW: Dealers taking over


    Continuing on from last year’s Fuel Market Review all the signs continue to be positive for the retail forecourt sector in the UK. There are more vehicles on the UK’s roads, retail fuel volumes have grown, there has been a lot of investment over the past 12 months and the ...

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    New fuel for growth


    One of the most striking trends highlighted by HIM’s report is the decline in the importance of fuel to forecourts, with the proportion of customers who buy only fuel falling from 52% in 2011 to 37% in 2014, and 13% of shoppers at forecourt stores don’t even have a car.Blake ...

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    Reversing the trend


    In 1966 when England last won the World Cup there were close to 40,000 open forecourts in the UK. The numbers have declined every single year since then and the question a few years ago was "how low will we go?" Experian Catalist has been actively monitoring the numbers since ...