Coke lemon

Coca-Cola is adding a twist to its ‘Real Coke’ taste with the launch of two new lemon flavours.

Rolling out nationwide throughout this month are Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon.

The two variants are available in 330ml cans and 500ml PET bottles for shoppers to enjoy on the go and larger 2ltr(Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Lemon),1.75L (Coca-Cola Original Taste Lemon) PET bottles and multipack cans for sharing occasions at home. Priced marked options will be available for Original Taste Lemon in 500ml PET and 330ml cans and 500ml PET bottles of Zero Sugar Lemon.

Original Taste Lemon and Zero Sugar Lemon will join Coca-Cola’s existing flavoured colas range, which includes Original Taste Cherry, Zero Sugar Cherry and Zero Sugar Vanilla .

The roll-out will be supported by an integrated marketing campaign, including sampling, out-of-home advertising, experiential, social media content and in-store activation. Convenience retailers can request pos kits on Coca-Cola Europacific Partners trade website.

Rob Yeomans, vice-president, commercial development at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) GB, said: “Coca-Cola and lemon are a natural combination. Consumers that order Coca-Cola in a pub will be used to seeing it served with “ice and a slice”, which for many is the ideal refreshment on a hot summer day. Our new Lemon flavour will help us to bring that iconic pairing into retail, with a full-on zing flavour to deliver a taste that we know consumers will love – with and without sugar.”

“Flavoured colas are growing ahead of the total cola segment as consumers look for new twists on their favourite drink, which we’ve seen through the popularity of our cherry variants and other limited-editions. The sub-segment presents a real opportunity for retailers, and we’ll be investing in our range of flavours throughout 2024 to help them make the most of it.”