IVG is describing its new IVG 2400 as a first-to-market disposable vape bar with benefits aimed at social and economic issues.

Rhett Morrissey, marketing manager at IVG, explained: “Our new product targets key issues, discussed through regular media coverage highlighting under-age vaping, illegal vapes and the environmental negativity of disposables.

“Significant investment, ground-breaking R&D and close liaison with the MHRA and Trading Standards has meant that this patented product is fully TPD compliant. This is important for retailers as it gives them a weapon against illegal vapes, and its price-positioning and design targets adults, making it less attractive to minors. Its innovative characteristics also mean that less plastic and battery waste will be created compared to standard legal disposables.”

The IVG2400 is different to other single 600-puff disposables in that the device holds four x 600 puff pods, giving the availability of a total of 2,400 puffs. Only one 2ml pod can be vaped at any one time and, as soon as it runs out, the consumer can easily move to the next pod without having to carry spare disposables. Morrissey said this is extremely convenient for the consumer and creates much less waste. Another benefit for those that enjoy variety, is the multi-flavoured pod options, where the consumer can switch between flavours as and when they want, something which he says is not available in any other disposable.

“This is cutting-edge design, he said. “We’ve really thought about current issues and worked hard to come up with responsible solutions. The consumer will be using only one battery in four; the plastic used overall is much reduced; the technology and flavours within the device offer a supreme vaping experience making it easier for adult smokers to transition to vaping. In particular, the retailer can relax, safe in the knowledge that what they are selling is of the highest quality and above all, legal.”

IVG reports that consumer feedback, since the launch, has been outstanding. “Customers have remarked on the excellent vaping experience and been delighted by the quality of the flavours. The convenience and cost effectiveness are also a winner, as the retail price sits at around half the price of four single disposables.”