Global vaping solution provider Quaq has unveiled its latest-generation atomising technologies — Quaq Mesh, Quaq Cell and Quaq Capsule, which will be used at the core of vaping brands including Lost Mary and Elfbar. Quaq says the new tech will enhance adult users’ vaping experience.

Quaq Mesh coil, with its bionic honeycomb structure, helps deliver an intense burst of flavour and vapour almost instantly, as well as flavour consistency and ultra-fine vapour particles.

Quaq Cell is described as the industry’s first integrated power unit. By joining battery and printed circuit board assembly, its power output is lifted to ensure a consistent delivery.

And Quaq Capsule is said to deliver freshness in an instant with a vastly improved anti-leakage performance.

Sam Fu, technology lead of Quaq, said “In 2023, we are tripling the presence of Quaq technologies from end-to-end to deliver an unparalleled vaping experience. This achievement is greatly attributed to our fast-increasing investments in R&D and an expanding R&D team with over 120 colleagues of different backgrounds.”