Lost Mary Tappo

Global vaping brand, Lost Mary, has unveiled its first pod system, called Tappo, which is being marketed as a cost-effective alternative to single-use vapes that doesn’t compromise on flavour.

The new closed-pod system lets vapers easily replace the e-liquid with prefilled pods when it’s finished, cutting down on waste.

With a powerful rechargeable 750 mAh battery, Lost Mary says Tappo enables longer vaping sessions on a single charge when compared with other devices in the closed-pod category.

Using QUAQ technology, which is designed to reduce leakage, it is said to deliver a consistent and robust flavour experience akin to its single-use counterpart, from the first draw to the last.

The Tappo device has a stainless aluminium shell, and Lost Mary says it has a high-end quality finish seldom seen in the vaping category.

In addition, it features a smart indicator that uses three colours to display the battery level, allowing vapers to check the device status at a glance.

Tappo is launched with 15 pod flavours, with more flavour varieties and product colours in development. It’s also compatible with all 35 ElfBar Elfa Pro and other QUAQ-powered prefilled pods.