Navarra vape

Navarra Retail Systems is launching a new smart vape gantry which combines cigarettes, RYO tobacco and vapes all in one unit.

Sales director Hugh Walker says the launch is in response to the government’s recent consultation on vapes, with new regulations expected to be announced shortly.

“We have been asked by many retailers if we have a solution for vapes. Based on the questions in the consultation, we have decided to consider a smart vape gantry solution to meet the future needs of retailers in the UK. The unit is designed to work as a stand-alone system, or in conjunction with our existing smart tobacco gantries,” he explained.

“The gantry moves all the vapes away from the shop floor and counter tops to a location behind the till, where children cannot see or access the products. All vape products are accessed via the till only,” he added.

The smart vape gantry is a compact and modular design, in 600mm wide units. It can take up to 75 SKUs per unit, depending on product types.

The locked and secure merchandise frame comes with various lighting options and it can be replicated on Navarra’s existing smart tobacco gantries to increase the merchandise space for vapes.

Stock is secured in the dispenser and accessed via the epos till; Navarra’s system currently integrates with the top eposproviders, so Walker describes it as “plug and play”.

The till will always prompt the sales assistant for an age check and record all the transaction details.

Walker continued: “We believe this system will enhance vape sales, improve security and meet the requirements of the forthcoming government consultation/new regulations in removing the risk of selling vape and nicotine products to children under the age of 18.

“It allows retailers to choose what vape brands they sell and does not restrict them to certain brands owned by their previous gantry supplier.

“It ensures age verification compliance through the epos integration and safeguards the staff, the shop owner and the category.

“It secures the stock from theft and shrinkage, especially as we believe vape prices are likely to rise through the application of duty at some stage in the near future.

“In the event that vape undergoes a merchandise ban, dispensing systems like this will be the most effective way to manage the category.”

Walker added that Navarra is waiting for the government’s final response to the consultation before confirming the final specification and production details.

“We are discussing requirements with key customers and having conversations with customers interested in the first production run once UK legislation and specification is finalised.”