He may have a ‘thing’ for James Bond, but Gunden Yilmaz has a ‘Goldeneye’ for the everyday joys of life – home, work or holidays

FT - Gunden Yilmaz, UK national sales manager, Shell UK

Name: Gunden Yilmaz

Job title: UK National Sales Manager

Company: Shell UK Ltd

01 Career history: After three years in investment banking I started at Shell in 2002 and have rotated through several regional sales and strategic marketing roles before heading up the UK sales team.

02 Dream job: If it wasn’t my current role, it would have been working in fashion like my brother.

03 What do you drive: Audi Q2.

04 What would you like to drive: Aston Martin DBS (see my Favourite Film – Question 7).

05 Favourite team: Chelsea Football Club.

06 Favourite read: Historic books – with stories based on inspirational leaders.

07 Favourite film: I am a James Bond fanatic.

08 Best holiday: Spending time with my son in Barcelona.

09 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My watch.

10 Most admire: My father.

11 Most likely to say: Life is good – happiness is the most important thing.

12 Least likely to say: It’s not worth the effort/I can’t help you I am sorry.

13 Greatest achievement: My son and my Masters in Business Administration from Columbia and London Business School.

14 Greatest fear: Loss of a colleague due to a safety incident.

15 What motivates you: The joy of life – every day is a new beginning.

16 Tips for business success: Always see the opportunity in any situation.

17 Best business advice you’ve received: Always conduct yourself/make decisions as if you are in the role above, so you can see the bigger picture.

18 Most recent business achievement/s of note: Roll-out of the UK brand vision for the Shell Retail business.

19 Three words to describe yourself: Positive, energetic, passionate.

20 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: Customer expectations of their local forecourt have increased dramatically during the pandemic – I’m eager to see what this will mean for our business growth.

FT - Gunden Yilmaz, UK national sales manager, Shell UK, with his son

Gunden Yilmaz, UK national sales manager, Shell UK, with his son