Town planning is Jason Lowes’ forte but he has a sense of adventure, loving road trips in the US and is hankering after a trip to Brazil


FT - Jason Lowes, Rapleys


Jason Lowes

Job title:

Partner, Town Planning


Rapleys LLP

01 Career history: After graduating from University College London, I spent some time in the construction industry before working my way round some local authorities in West London including Ealing, Harrow and Hillingdon. I moved to Rapleys as a planning consultant in 2005 and have been here ever since. I started as an associate and became a partner in 2012.

02 Dream job – if you weren’t doing this: It would have to be a deckchair attendant on Miami Beach. I think I could handle that!

03 What do you drive:

An Audi A3.

04 Perfect day: A day-trip on a cheap flight to somewhere fun – Barcelona, for example, would be perfect.

05 Favourite read:

Private Eye.

06 Best holiday: Road trips around the US – I have managed to see most of the 50 states over the years, but California is my favourite (so far).

07 Possessions you couldn’t do without: Like most people, my mobile phone!

08 Most likely to say: Put simply…

09 Least likely to say: That can’t be done (without giving a good reason why).

10 Greatest fear: Being quiet!

11 Tips for business success: Whatever it is you do, make sure you enjoy it.

12 Best business advice you’ve received: To always take the time to take a

step back and look at the

bigger picture.

13 Best thing about your job: Dealing with very different types of people every single day.

14 Most recent business achievement/s of note: It has to be getting planning permission for a new petrol filling station, when everyone said (including me) that it wasn’t possible.

15 Pet hate: Negativity.

16 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: It is a really interesting sector to work in, because forecourts are so central to everybody’s day-to-day life, and their role is constantly evolving to meet customer needs and their expectations.

17 What do you wish you were really good at: Learning foreign languages.

18 Binge watch: The Sopranos.

19 Favourite food: Pizza – (perhaps because I love The Sopranos?).

20 If you could visit one place on earth where would you go: Brazil.